Fitting Supply Range


Carbon and Low Alloy High Yield Chromium Molybdenum Austenitic Stainless Steels Ferritic-Austenitic Steels Nickel Alloys Copper Nickel
ASTM A234 WPB/C MSS SP75 WPHY52-65 ASTM A234 WP1 5,9,11,22,91 ASTM A403 WP304, H+L ASTM A815 UNS 31803 ASTM B366 WPNCMC UNS NO6625 90-10 EEMUA 146
ASTM A420 WPL6     ASTM A403 WP316, H+L ASTM A815 UNS S32750+S32760 ASTM B366 WPNICMC UNS NO8825 Sections 1-7
      ASTM A403 WP321, H   ASTM B366 WPNIC UNS NO8800  
BS1965     ASTM A403 WP347, H   ASTM B366 WPNIC UNS NO8810/11 (HT)  
      ASTM A403 WPS 31254   Alloy 200/400/600  

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